GE is at the forefront of new energy technologies with highly flexible and efficient gas turbines, wind power, solar technologies and smart grid solutions.

While others are talking about America’s clean energy future, we’re building it.

GE has recently announced a number of unique technologies and advanced applications to strengthen our portfolio and provide the industry with new solutions. Advancements in a new, thin-film solar photovoltaic technology have resulted in a record-setting efficiency rating that will drive down the cost of utility-scale solar power generation. Meanwhile, GE has improved the design of the 1.5 megawatt wind turbine platform that will deliver greater and more dependable energy production. GE also just unveiled a new FlexEfficiency gas turbine that can quickly adjust its power output to better match the variable power produced by renewable sources. This new technology will support the transition to a cleaner energy mix by ensuring continued grid reliability and stability.

GE is also making investments at the other end of the grid with announcements that include the launch of commercial and residential electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, the backbone of a robust EV infrastructure ecosystem.

GE is a leader in advanced technology equipment and services for all segments of the oil and gas industry, including drilling and production, liquefied natural gas, pipelines, storage, refining and petrochemical manufacturing.

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